Chalk paint

How to Apply Wax on Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint has revolutionized the world of DIY furniture restoration and home decor. Its matte, shabby-chic finish, along with its forgiving application process, has made it a favorite among crafters and interior enthusiasts alike. In … Read more

What is Chalk Paint Wax?

Chalk paint wax is a popular type of paint used for painting furniture. It is made from a mixture of chalk and water, and it gives the furniture a chalky finish. The chalk paint wax … Read more

Can You Tint Chalk Paint?

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Is Chalk Paint Waterproof?

Chalk paint is often touted as a versatile, all-in-one painting solution. But one of the most common questions we get about chalk paint is whether or not it’s waterproof. The short answer is no, chalk … Read more